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While this page briefly describes some purchase options the price, terms and conditions are totally open for negotiations.

The standard contract details can be found within the Documents page of this internet site.

The vendors are keen to negotiate an outcome that maximises the benefits and minimises the costs for everyone.

Key Elements

  • Minimum 5% deposit.
  • Asking price will secure immediate sale, but other offers are invited for consideration.
  • Option to pay the remainder in regular instalments.
  • Settlement Period is totally negotiable.
  • Exceptional contract options to benefit investors or Self-Managed Super Funds.
  • Potential First Home Buyer savings or bonuses (subject to eligibility requirements).

Property Description

On the 650m2 site at present is a sound, but ageing 3 bedroom solid brick home with brick veneer 3rd bedroom extension which has been appraised for letting for around $350 per week.

At present the property has a single title, however if a purchaser wishes to purchase the site as two sub-divided or one single unit then the vendors are prepared to facilitate the sub-division prior to settlement.

The costs of the sub-division are reflected within the asking price for the "per unit" option.

Council approved planning permits have been issued for two (2) side-by-side townhouses with the following approximate dimensions.

 Dwelling 1 Internal m2   Overall m2
 First Floor Internal 93.14   First Floor Overall 102.22
 Ground Floor Internal 141.17   Ground Floor Overall 157.04
 Garage Internal 21   Garage Internal 21
 TOTALS 255.31   280.26
 Dwelling 2

Internal m2


Overall m2

 First Floor Internal 103.76   First Floor Overall 113.14
 Ground Floor Internal 141.17   Ground Floor Overall 157.04
 Garage Internal 21   Garage Internal 21
 TOTALS 265.93   291.18

All diagrams and dimensions are provided for illustrative purposes only, neither the architects, vendors, nor their agents warrant that the diagrams are precisely to scale, nor the precision of the calculations.   Buyers must check all measurements for themselves to verify the dimensions.

NOTE: Please refer to the stamped council approval and plans on the documents page for specific details.

Purchase Options

Purchasers have several options open to them, to purchase:

  • The entire site and construct the two townhouses either as an owner-builder, or engage your own builder,
  • The entire site as off-the-plan construction by the vendors' nominated builder,
  • One unit site and collaborate with the vendors or a second buyer to engage a builder,
  • One townhouse for off-the-plan construction by the vendors' nominated builder, or
  • Combine capital with other investors (or Self-Managed Funds) to fund a joint venture project.

The settlement period and a range of terms can be negotiated, so too can the asking price to account for any benefit or costs resulting from such variations. 

Benefits & Savings

Savings can allow a developer or owner several benefits:

Lower capital outlay - obviously, lower up-front costs means less out-of-pocket capital needed to get started.

Compound savings  - much like compound growth, any reduction in the base cost provides multiplied savings because on-costs (ie. stamp duty, interest on loans, agents commissions etc. etc.) are generally charged as a percentage of the base costs.

Competitive Pricing - the mistake most people make is that they focus purely on the purchase price and overlook opportunities to structure a transaction efficiently; they overlook the implications of on-costs when it comes time to realise the value of a property.

An ability to offer the finished product at a lower price to potential buyers gives a developer or investor a significant competitive advantage, which in turns promotes a quicker realisation sale and lower holding costs.

Contact VendorHQ to obtain copies of serious projections and scenarios that enable a developer to significantly reduce their costs and in-turn offer a finished product at a more competitive price.

Surprisingly, the strategies and scenarios offered by these vendors are rarely used by other vendors, developer or buyers.  So the majority of buyers in the market are unnecessarily paying excessive costs and gain no competitive advantage over the many competing properties offered by so many agents every weekend.

Get an edge on the rest of the market and let VendorHQ show you more economical ways to structure your purchase.  

Developers could avoid paying duties and statutory charges all together
Contact VendorHQ to obtain copies of detailed projections and scenarios that can enable a developer to significantly reduce and even avoid incurring a range of costs simply via structuring their project in a unique manner.
Reduced Holding Cost
Why pay bank interest unnecessarily?
Negotiate settlement terms that minimise the amount of time that you have to fund holding costs.
Minimise the hassles, delays and costs of bank  applications and assessments
The vendors are prepared to offer vendor [finance] terms under certain conditions.
Finance experts can demonstrate some creative strategies to help you to secure better finance conditions, with reduced costs and much less hassle than what most buyers must incur.
We encourage you to review the strategies and seek an opinion from your own accountant or financial advisers.

Request further details from VendorHQ on 1300 669 331.

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